Company registration in Poland

Information about Poland
Poland’s economy is considered to be one of the more resilient of the post-Communist countries and is one of the fastest growing within the EU. Having a strong domestic market, low private debt, low unemployment rate, flexible currency, and not being dependent on a single export sector, Poland is the only European economy to have avoided the recession of 2008. Since the fall of the communist government, Poland has pursued a policy of liberalizing the economy. It is an example of the transition from a centrally planned to a primarily market-based economy. The country’s most successful exports include machinery, furniture, food products, clothing, shoes and cosmetics. Poland’s largest trading partners include Germany, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, France and Italy. According to Eurostat data, Polish PPS GDP per capita stood at 70% of the EU average in 2017, up from 50% in the year prior to the accession to the EU in 2004.

Company registration in Poland

How to do company registration in Poland

Your task will only consist of identifying your needs and a one-time visit to the notary to sign the notarial deed of the association. Even if you set up a branch of a foreign entrepreneur. Of course, you must have the amount of at least PLN 5,000  for the initial capital of the company and appoint the management  board: composed of one or several persons, and if you assume that the share capital will be higher than PLN 500,000 – in addition the audit committee or supervisory board. But the rest is done for you by experts.

Company registration package

  • Legal assistance in all aspects of company formation process
  • Advising on the optimal legal form of conducting business activity
  • Drafting of statute, Articles of Association, founding acts of limited liability company, civil law partnership, general partnership, limited liability partnership, joint stock partnership.
  • Preparing documents and forms for the National Court Register
  • Representing clients in registration proceedings
  • Preparation of responses and means of appeal against summons, orders, decisions of the Court

Required documents from applicants

  • Scan copy of valid Passport (ALL PAGES – Ministry of Labor needed)
  • Scan copy of High School diploma ( if any )
  • Complete Bio-data or CV with Living Address
  • Father, Mother Name: or Birth Certificate.
What payment methods do we accept?

Currently, you can pay using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and point-to-point cash transfer services such as Western Union or MoneyGram.

Process time for company registration in Poland

1 week

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