Language Course in Canada

Canada is a country in North America. next to the United States It is the northernmost country in the world and the second largest in the world. and has two official languages, English and French. culturally diverse Canada is a technologically advanced and industrial country. have a diversified economy which rely on abundant natural resources



It is a port city located in British Columbia in western Canada. and is the most populous city in this area and is the 8th largest in Canada. The port of Vancouver is Canada’s largest port. making this city a center for exporting and importing goods by default The city also makes a fortune from the television and film industries that go into filming. The beauty of this city is a constant attraction of tourists and international students. and Vancouver was voted the 3rd most livable city in the world.


It is located on the northern shore of Lake Ontario. and is the largest city in Canada Including being the capital of the province of Ontario as well. Today, it houses more than 6 million people, three Chinatowns in the city, and Little Italy and Greektown, demonstrating the cultural diversity of Toronto. Toronto is a large economic and cultural center in Canada. There are three big industry groups: Finance, Real Estate. and both retail and wholesale trade


located on the east side have cold weather Montreal is also the second largest city after Toronto. It is a city of slow life people. but also modern, with a blend of European style and American modernity. The resting place focuses on natural beauty, trekking, going up the hill, cycling, entering the park. walk the museum It is a city that is suitable for people who love peace, but also have complete facilities.

Application process

Get advice from staff

Select the course of interest

fill out an application

Receive an acceptance letter

apply for a visa

Orientation before departure

Leaving for further studies in Canada


When can I apply and start studying?

Able to start classes throughout the year depending on the study program And should apply at least 3-5 months before the scheduled departure

Accommodation while participating in the program?

Can be provided by yourself or through the Interchange and the educational institution will help to arrange accommodation for you.

Can I go in a group?

Able to apply for classes and travel in groups

Is health insurance provided during the program?

Participants are required to purchase health insurance for the duration of their studies.

What nationality are most students?

Canada is ethnically diverse. causing students to come from all over the world

Can I work while studying?

Able to work part-time up to 20 hours/week Only courses taken with ILAC

How much statement is required?

depending on the duration of the course Usually, if the period of study is 6 months or more, the statement must be at least 1.5 – 3 million baht for the past 6 months.

Can I book a plane ticket myself?

can reserve by yourself And reservations can only be made after receiving a visa from the embassy.

Do I have to attend a visa interview?

In some cases, an in-person interview may be required at the Canadian visa office.

What discounts are there now?

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