Practice on farms in Denmark

The Center for Practice and Internships for Students Abroad provides consulting services for the internship program for students of agricultural universities on crop and livestock farms in Denmark.

Every year, a large number of students from various agrarian universities of around the world come to Denmark to practice on Danish farmers, improving their knowledge and skills in agriculture, getting acquainted with modern European technologies in animal husbandry, crop production, and poultry farming. Practicing on farms in Denmark is often physically demanding, so students who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and understand that they are going to a farm are welcome. If the student has never worked physically, then it is better for him/her not to apply, this is not a tourist trip.

Trainees have a unique opportunity to visit the most developed agricultural country in Europe, see interesting historical and cultural places in Denmark, improve their knowledge of English or German, and earn enough money to continue their studies in home country, as well as to develop their own farms, businesses, etc. All details of the practice, work duties, number of hours, overtime, farm details are described in the contract with the farmer, which is provided to each trainee before applying to the immigration office for a Residence Permit in Denmark. This contract is checked by the Danish immigration authorities after submission, the farm is also checked for compliance with the program and the farm is issued a special permit from the Danish authorities to accept trainees to their farm.

The period of internship is 12 – 18 months.
Only full-time students of 1-5 courses of the agronomic, zoo-veterinary, zoo-engineering faculty can take practice.
Every 6 months, the trainee is provided with a 2-week paid vacation. Students work 37 hours a week, have days off, social protection (have all the rights of a Danish citizen in the field of medical care, which is free in this country) for the period of practice. Interns are provided with accommodation, but it must be paid for, as well as meals, which together amount to no more than 20% of earnings. Sometimes food and accommodation is included in the contract with the farmer.
For working on farms in Denmark, students receive a salary, overtime hours are paid additionally. Salary increases every 6 months. In the first 6 months of practice, a student can count on 11,000 DKK per month (1EUR = 7.45 DKK), in the second 6 months – 13,000 DKK per month. All labor relations, terms of payment, accommodation are fixed in the contract between the employer and the trainee before applying for a visa.
Accommodation types.
Flower greenhouses.

Why the program to Denmark?

There are 6 weighty advantages to apply for this program:
1. Visas – 100%.
2. No interview at the embassy, ​​just biometrics and documents are submitted at the Visa Application Center.
3. Internship period – 12-18 months. You can make good money.
4. The opportunity to go as a couple to the same farm and even live in the same room!
5. The trainee is entitled to 5 weeks of paid vacation!
6. After 6 months of practice, the salary will increase.
 Non-students or students of non-agricultural universities or other specialties are NOT eligible for this program. However, you can improve your skills in any agricultural university, contact us for advice on how to do it correctly, legally and without problems.