Romania Work Permit

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  • 1 Year Official work permit
  • Filled Visa Application form
  • Appointment Scheduling in Embassy
  • Expert consultation of visa specialists, assessment of the chances of obtaining a visa
  • Recommendations on the qualitative preparation of documents, filling in and printing out the questionnaire
  • The official invitation of the host country

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Do you want to work in Romania officially? first of all, you are required to get the EMPLOYMENT VISA (NATIONAL VISA, D/AM TYPE) through the nearest Embassy of Romania in your country. This type of visa is granted based on the Work Permit issued by the Romanian Immigration Office, by the legislation in force. The company willing to hire foreign citizens submits an employment application to the Romanian Immigration Office.

Prabesh Group provides an official Romania work permit which allows you to get a Work Visa D/AM  visa for Allow entry and stay for a maximum of 90 days within a 6-month period from the date of the first entry. To obtain a work visa type D/AM, you need to submit your application to the embassy of Romania in your home/residence country.


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